Cirque De Verre (2008- 2010)

Founded by Kim Harty, Rika Hawes and Charlotte Potter Cirque De Verre staged performances at hot-shops across the country between 2008 and 2010.  Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Toledo Museum of Art, and Goggle Works hosted these performances that showcased an accomplished troupe of emerging artists. 

Mission Statement:
Cirque De Verre is collaborative group who push and pull the boundaries of what can be made with glass. The Cirque De Verre show is comprised of an accomplished crew of emerging artists 
who have developed a framework for performance that draws on their knowledge of glass and uses it to excite, entertain and challenge the audience's assumptions about art making. Cirque De Verre uses the idea of, "the circus," and superimposes it on the space of the, "glass demonstration," as an alternative venue for performance art. The metaphor of the circus is comical, but rather than being an ironic satire we wholeheartedly embrace art-as-spectacle and artist-as-performer. The line between art and entertainment is tenuous. We are tightrope walkers. . .