Human Factors Exhibition (2014)

PRESS RELEASE: "Human Factors," a solo exhibition by BOLT Resident Kim Harty, investigates the amalgamation of movements that an artist applies to object making. Using motion capture technology, chronophotography, and projection, Harty creates pieces that record and embody the artist’s process. Linear interpretations of motion, serial photographs, live feed projection, and glass sculptures look at the tension between personal expression and efficiency in the studio. In industrial settings, “human factors” are analyzed and optimized to make production ever efficient. How does this efficiency imperative function within the artist’s studio, and what are the human factors governing the artist’s production of objects? Harty answers this query through an interdisciplinary exploration of the relationship between movement and making.  

EXCEPRT from Helen Lee's exhibition essay:  "Efficiency connotes not solely the arithmetic of work over time, but maximizing this equation, be it through a Taylorian minimization time or a Gilbrethian maximization of effective movements. Harty’s work focuses not on the optimization of efficiency, but on the nature of this relationship between movement and time in the artists studio. The human factor at play is that, at the site of the artists body, movement and time elide in lines of gestural force where one can “feel the thrust involved in making it."