Video + Glass: Optics of the Lens (2013)

Video + Glass: Optics of the Lens
Ox-Bow, Session 1, 2013
Instructors: Kim Harty and Charlotte Potter
TA: Kit Paulson

This course is designed to introduce and familiarize the properties of hot glass and investigate this material through the optics of the lens. Students learn basic glass blowing techniques as well as some non-traditional approaches to experimenting with hot casting, blowing and solid working. Lectures, demonstrations, and critiques, encourage students to consider both the technical and conceptual manifestations of this material.

In this class students can create their own lenses, periscopes, kaleidoscopes and optical devices. We then use these props (or filters) to create videos that explore differing perceptions of the world around us. Course content will survey the optics of the lens and place glass within the larger context of contemporary art.

A case study of the class, "VIDEO + GLASS: Bridging Studio Glass and New Media Through the Study of Optical Devices," was presented at the the "Issues in Glass Pedagogy Symposium" at UrbanGlass in December of 2013 and is available in full here: Video+GlassPaper.pdf